Meet one of the stars of La Femme Nikita. Peta Wilson plays the title role of Nikita

Next meet the other major star of the show. Roy Dupuis plays the part of Michael and he is Nikita's mentor.

Next we come to the supporting cast members. They are just as important as the main characters.

Meet Operations and Madeline who oversee the missions at Section One.

Next we meet another one of my favourite characters. His name is Seymour Birkoff who is also known in some circles as Birky!!!

Isn't he cute??? Birky is the resident Computer and Sims expert on the show.

Next up we meet Walter!! He likes to think he is irresistable to women and has a habit of calling them all Sugar. Except for Madeline of course. He is the resident weapons and munitions expert.

These are the main characters on the show. I have a separate page of pictures of support or recurring characters.


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