Please note that the phrases are used in defining the words most frequently used in or by Section One. This list was formerly on Jeannette's La Famme Nikita Page which no longer exists now. The idea was credited to Dean on 6/24/97 Definitions by Jeannette, Karen, Dean,Jo, Elizabeth, Sandra and Liz If anyone has any new definitions that are not included on this list please email me. These have been reprinted with permission.

Section One Words and Phrases


Abort - command to immediately cease an operation or mission.

Acceptable Collateral - used in reference to a person(most often an innocent) that is considered expendable in trying to complete a mission.

Adam - Michael's son with Elena.

Agency _ another govt organization Section One also works with from time to time.

Artwork - pictures (shown on "Blue Screen" during briefings.


Backups - refer to the backup of the Section One computer system. These are controlled by Birkoff.

Breached - where one or more operatives have been detected and attacked.

Bomb - an explosive missile not fired from a gun.


Cancel - to be put to death

Cell - pairing of operatives within a mission team.

Class One Collateral - Extremely important source or witness that is to be protected at all costs by holding them at Section.

Close Quarter Standby - No operative is allowed out of section. It is used during times of missions. It may only apply to those operatives already inside the Section.

Closure - All mission objectives have been met. No loose ends remain.

Cold Mission - Information gathering mission.

Cold Operative - operative whose main role is working on dangerous missions outside the Section.

Communique - an official communication or bulletin.

Compromised - to be found out, infiltrated or exposed.

Com-set - Device used in communicating between operatives

Confirmation - the act of receiving approval from a higher authority before a hit or mission can proceed.

Comes to term - End of a two year training period in which an evaluation of the material's suitability as an operative is made.

Could not be helped - Phrase spoken by Michael. Usually when he is trying to be evasive about where or what he has been doing. Or when he has done something Ops or Nikita do not approve of.

Criminal - Person guilty of commiting a crime.

Critical Mass - Number of personnel needed to keep Section One viable.

Cue it up - command given to display or run a computer or satellite message/image/display.


Directory - listing of all Section One operatives

Disenfranchised - taken apart. as in destroyed. (when personnel numbers drop below viable count, Agency shuts down Section One and exterminates all surviving Operatives. this includes all Section One heads.

DOD - Department of Defense


Elena - Michael's wife. Married her as part of an ongoing mission to capture her terrorist father.

End Game - The first objective of any mission(s) This term comes into play when one or more missions are used to set up the main mission.

Entry - What Section calls the `interrogation room' (white room with chains and pulleys fastened to the walls) they always use for JOTW's, Innocents, etc.

Evaluation - decision at the end of the material's two year training period as to whether operative candicacy will be awarded. If they fail they get cancelled.

Exposure - term used to describe how much knowledge has been revealed to an innocent or target.

Exterminate - the process of destroying something completely. (or to be cancelled)


Floating Backup Teams - Technique of positioning shooters prior to a meet for protection


Ghost - one who does not live a life like other people. This is what the operatives refer to their lives as.

Go Live - command used to signal the technician to start the laser simulater. Used as part of the material's final evaluation.


Held In Abeyance - staying at Section HQ while decision is made whether to cancel. (usually a recruit coming up for operative status who has not performed well, or and operative pulled from mission due to errors or excessive collateral.

Hot - a good lead worth investigating immediately. ( could also be a live wire)

Housekeeping - Operatives who come in to clean house. Used when a mission goes sour.


Incident - event that occured which signals the attention of Section One.

Incubate - Policy of holding a class one collateral at Section One to protect them from disappearing.

Innocent - person who is not a criminal or terrorist. Often considered expendable by Section One.

In-play - an active role in a mission as opposed to being and observer. Intel - slang for intelligence and used in referring to new info on some aspect of the mission at hand.

Intuition - comprehension without effort of reasoning.

IRC - Internet resource chat


Jacques - Michael's codename

Josephine - Nikita's codename


Lottery - second method for an operative to get out of Section. (cancel)


Material - common reference to all recruits during their two years of training. Section operatives are warned never to become emotionally attached to the material.

Mentor - Operative assigned to train the new recruit in the Section.

Mobile Com - Mobile communications unit of section operatives. Usually a black van.


N.E.S.T. - Nuclear Emergency Search Team. Gov't specialists who can comb and area looking for nuclear materials and weapons. (actually does exist)


Observer - operative who does not actively participate in the mission, but instead waits in the mobile com unit.

Operative - Agent in Section One, highly trained in self defense, martial arts, seduction, espionage.

Operative Status - successful completion of the two year training period and final evaluation.


Package - used to describe both an object or a person.

Paul - Operations first name.

PDA - Personal Data Assistant

Peripheral Activity - Actions/events occuring near a mission objective unplanned by the Section.

Planted - killed covertly

Priority One - full alert status for Section One. All operatives are called in, and a Close-Quarter standby is declared.


Real Time - when an operative checks in with Section at set time intervals.

Recruit - male or female chosen to be trained by a member of the Section as a possible operative candidate.

Recruited - The process by which a person is brought into the Section. This includes, but is not limited to the faking of ones death by another Section Operative. New recruits are never given a choice until once inside as to whether or not they will accept the training. If not, CANCELLED.

Red Cell - organization based out of North Korea which located the Directory from a traitor inside the Section.

Router - computer device that assists with high-speed file downloading, most likely surreptitiously.


Sanitize - term used for general cleanups. Housekeeping to remove all bodies/evidence.

Scenario Parameters - outline used to decide whether an opeative or a mission was successful. Mainly used to decide if an operative has used excessive collateral.

Section One - clandestine organization dedicated to bringing down terrorists and criminals no one else can get.

Sequence - computer sims used to predict outcomes.

Sims - Simulations. running different mission variables and parameters through the computer to help develop mission outcome and odds of success.

Structural Integrity - Health of Section One. (ability to defend it's personnel and stations.)

Substations - A branch of Section One. Used as remote bases.

Surgical - when team member is `removing' a threat to a mission.


Tactical - The general outline of upcoming mission.

Take the meet - tells operative they will be the one assigned to meet with a contact.

Target - Person/object the Section is going after.

Terminated - another term for Cancelled

Terrorist - a person who uses terror and intimidation to gain one's political objectives.


Unrelated Aggression - occurance where force was required but was not a part of the mission.


Window - time period in which a mission is set to take place.