Annual Events
By: DeLeah

Part 1

*knock knock* Aries heard the famous knock on her door. She had a ton of paperwork to do but maybe she could draft her partner in crime to help her with it.

"Hey Chica" DeLeah greeted her friend as she entered the office.

"Hey" Aries said dryly.

"What are you doing?" DeLeah asked disinterestedly.

"What am I always doing?" Aries asked sarcastically. "The never-ending paperwork. Wanna help?" she asked hopefully.

"Uh no that's quite OK" DeLeah declined with a grin. "But I tell you what I'll add to it for you" she said brightly.

"Some friend you are" Aries grumbled but perched an eyebrow up. "What are you up to anyway?"

"I need your help with organising a new annual event idea I have. It needs at least one Mommie's approval to make it through the endless approvals and I think it would be great fun" DeLeah encouraged.

"Oh this is gonna be good" Aries laughed. "What's your idea?"

"Oh nothing big" DeLeah smirked as she explained her idea and watched as Aries face burst into hysterical laughter.

"You are joking right?" Aries asked as she finally caught her breath.

"Nope" DeLeah said. "Come on it could be a ton of fun. It could be guys versus ladies. Call it a coming-together activity. Getting to know everyone better.

Aries laughed softly, only DeLeah would ever come up with a far fetched idea like this to implement into section with such a crazy explanation.

"You think "I" am going to get "that" approved through Rita and Sherry?" Aries asked incredibly.

DeLeah looked confused for a moment, "I thought you said you were always up for a good challenge" she baited her.

"Challenge?" Aries asked smirking. "You're asking nearly the impossible"

"You mean the word 'impossible' still exists here?" DeLeah asked sarcastically.

Aries glared at her but finally gave in. "Alright, I'll get it approved but you owe me big!" she warned her.

DeLeah nodded. She knew this would be a big hit and a ton of fun. Rita and Sher would have a fit at first but they'd get over it.

DeLeah headed back to her room to catch some sleep which she'd had very little chance to do thus far this week.

DeLeah awoke the next morning to her cell phone ringing. "Yes?" she demanded.

"See if I ever do you a favour again" the voice on the other side said.

"Hey Aries what's up?" she murmured sleepily.

"Meet me in my office" she requested.

"Alright give me 20 minutes" she said as she hung up.

20 minutes later DeLeah was in Aries office. "We got our approval" she announced.

"Already?" DeLeah asked amazed.

"Yup" Aries confirmed. Rita didn't like the idea at all but she owed me a favour so she finally gave in.

"And Sher?" DeLeah asked.

"She didn't make the meeting and it clearly states in the mommie handbook that if a mommie is notified at least 6 hours before a meeting and doesn't make it she forfeits all votes of that meeting up.

"Well at least that handbook is good for something" DeLeah murmured.

"What was that?" Aries asked sweetly.

"Oh nothing." DeLeah laughed. "So are you going to help me orchestrate this?"

Aries grinned, "of course. Wouldn’t miss it for the world." The two ladies spent the rest of the day planning and organising and making up flyers for this grand event.

The next morning CLHQ was buzzing with all the news and excitement. Everyone knew it was that time of the year when the annual events started. The events started big and wound themselves down into smaller things all with the intention of involving the newer operatives and recruits with the older operatives. Emphasis was put on getting to know each other better while having fun doing so. However, this year there was a new event...

The signs had been hung sometime during the previous night by an anonymous someone and most of the newer recruits were looking on at the older operatives like they were nuts.

'That is so degrading' one recruit told another.

The other nodded, 'yea but that's exactly what kind of twisted game they would like here'

Both laughed and continued on.

DeLeah and Aries grinned at each other discreetly and continued on. Both had agreed that they would remain anonymous as the ones orchestrating this until the night of the event. The other Mommie's had agreed that that was the best approach.

Questions were being asked, but answers were far and few. It was a typical day in section.

Part 2

Sherry stormed into Rita's office with one of the flyers. "What is this?" she demanded "and why wasn't I informed?"

Rita looked at the flyer, it was of the new upcoming annual event. The flyer read:


All CLHQ ladies and their significant others are invited to a challenging and fun game of...

Where: Lounge
When: Tuesday, March 6, 2001
Time: 8:00 P.M.

This is bound to be tons of fun! Judges will be announced upon the night of the event. We hope to see you all there. Please RSVP to the list outside of the mommie offices.

"Well?" Sherry demanded.

"We had a meeting about this yesterday morning. You failed to show" Rita told her calmly.

"What meeting? I wasn't informed of a meeting!" Sherry said as her eyes narrowed to slits.

Rita sighed, "Yes you were. I put it both on your PDA and in your email"

"Damn!" Sherry sighed. "I've been so busy I haven't checked either of them.

Rita raised an eyebrow, she didn't have to ask what Sherry had been up to. She had a natural glowing about her the past few days which could only come back to the most desired male in CLHQ; Michael.

"This is degrading!" Sherry continued on. "How could you allow this?"

Rita looked guilty, "I had a favour called in from me"

"Let me guess...Aries?" Sherry asked.

"Yes" Rita admitted.

"North went for this?" Sherry asked incredibly.

Rita laughed, "It took some convincing believe me!"

"Oh I do" Sherry laughed. "Ah well I guess it won't kill anyone"

"No it won't" Rita said softly. "So we'll see you and Michael there?"

"Whoa now hold on just a minute! I did not say that! I'm going to have to discuss this with him before we make any decisions" Sherry laughed.

Rita nodded.

"Nice try though" Sherry said.

Part 3

"Honey?" DeLeah asked as Antonio traced her lips with the gentle pads of his fingers.

"Que Quierda?"

"Are you planning on going to the game on Tuesday?" she asked softly.

Antonio looked a bit surprised, "I hadn't really thought about it" he admitted. "I assume you want to go?" he asked good naturedly.

DeLeah raised an eyebrow, "you really have to ask that?" she asked daring him to challenge her.

"No Querida. We'll go on one condition"

"What's that?" DeLeah murmured as she brought her lips up to nip his ear.

"You stay fully dressed" Antonio smiled against her face.

DeLeah rolled her eyes, "uh Tony, that kind of defeats the purpose" she said sarcastically.

"Well I was hoping" he said grinning boyishly.

"Huh you wish buster!" DeLeah grinned as she pushed him back on the bed taking his mouth in a passionate but sincere and distracting kiss.

"I can't wait!" Raine burst into DeLeah's room. "I need something to wear, makeup, shoes, we need to go shopping" she announced in a fluent wave of energy.

DeLeah rolled her eyes, "I'm kinda in the middle of something here" she announced right before Antonio claimed her mouth once again.

"Oh get off her already" Raine exclaimed as she pulled DeLeah up and pushed her out the door throwing her purse at her.

DeLeah shrugged her shoulders as Raine closed the door.

"What in the hell are you doing?" DeLeah demanded.

"Not" Raine grinned. "We're going shopping. I need to after that long term mission I just got back from"

DeLeah laughed, "we have to make one stop first" DeLeah said as she turned them down a corridor to the mommie offices.

DeLeah quickly keyed in her code and walked into the office dragging Aries out.

"What are you doing?" she demanded.

DeLeah grinned, "Exactly what I told Raine here when she dragged my boyfriend off me and dragged me out; we're going shopping" she announced. "Oh by the way, Raine this is Mommie Aries, Aries Raine. Now that that's settled lets go" she breezed.

Aries looked at DeLeah suspiciously, "Did you let her have any coffee or soda?" she asked.

"Me? I dragged her out of her room...she's running on pure energy."

"This is going to be a long shopping trip" Aries muttered.

"Yea well you picked out my dress for the dance I get to pick you're outfit for poker" DeLeah announced.

"Uh uh no way!" Aries said vehemently.

"Oh yes way're gonna love it!"

"You see Aries us women have an advantage to Strip Poker that the men don't have" DeLeah began.

Aries looked suspiciously from DeLeah to Raine then back to DeLeah. She had the feeling that Raine was a duplicate of DeLeah if not worse.

"And what's that?" she asked.

Raine grinned, "Lingerie"

Aries grinned, "Now you're talking."

"The trick is," DeLeah began, "to get the type of lingerie that comes off layer by layer. It doesn't defy the rules of strip poker. All the men are so busy looking at you that they can't concentrate on the game and so they lose"

Aries laughed, "Let me say that for once I'm glad I'm female"

The girls all laughed as they hunted and pecked for the right outfits, lingerie, shoes, and scarves.

The next day was a busy one. Aries had to meet a contact but got back just in time to meet DeLeah and Raine to get ready for the poker night with them.

The girls poured over themselves for 4 hours to get ready feeling secure that they wouldn't be nude by the time the end of the night came. Raine was in charge of hair, Aries makeup, and DeLeah attire.

The three ladies looked themselves over and then at each other.

DeLeah was dressed in a stunning black Lycra skirt with a matching bikini type shirt and halter tied over it. She had her curly hair down to emphasise the natural beauty of her creamy complexion with the help of a very little makeup.

Raine was in a lovely purple 2 piece evening gown with 2 scarves on each arm as a sleeve and one on her neck. She had matching strappy shoes on with her hair up in a French twist with a few tendrils floating freely. She was dressed to kill.

Aries was sporting an exquisite emerald green skirt with a tight spandex shirt and halter-top. A matching scarf around her waist and one on her neck accommodated the look with matching stiletto shoes. Her hair was curled and up to perfection.

The three ladies looked at each other and were confident that they were ready. Underneath each of their outfits they wore a 2 piece lingerie shirt with a matching skirt which also had 10 scarves as the skirt that had to be pulled out. Also they were
sporting fishnet stockings which came off in layers with 5 buttons at the thigh of each leg plus the regular bra and panties and shoes.

"Let's go" DeLeah smiled as the three walked out of her room. They heard many whistles as they approached the lounge.