Part 4

DeLeah smiled knowingly as she walked into the lounge. She could immediately pick out the other ladies that had done this before...Rita and Genie. They were dressed to kill just like the three of them.

DeLeah smiled, "Should have known you two would have done this before" DeLeah laughed.

"College" Rita laughed drinking some champagne.

"Fun" Genie said not giving anything up. She'd have to pick it out of her later.

"Complete with the lingerie I see" DeLeah smirked.

"Of course" Rita said. "Roarke would kill me if he found out about this"

The girls chuckled as Aries got DeLeah's attention that it was time to start.

DeLeah joined Aries up on the stage. "Ladies and guys" Aries laughed. "It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the newest CLHQ annual event...Strip poker," she laughed. "If you can't figure out who orchestrated this by now then I'm going to have to cancel you myself."

"Uh uh no way I'm gonna get in on that fun" DeLeah joked and everyone laughed.

"OK here's how this works" DeLeah took over. "The game is 5 card draw. It's men versus women. The winner of each game gets to be the willing victim of watching any of the other players take one item of clothing off of their choice. Once you're completely nude you're out! The last four people in the game will receive an IOU from each mommie with one favour to call in to the Mommie's at their choice of time."

There were murmurs of excitement at the last statement. "What if the winner is a mommie?" Rita piqued up.

"Deal with it!" DeLeah grinned.

"The judges are" DeLeah began. "Madeline, Sherry, Nahla, and Curlly. Each one of them will be posted at each corner of the table to make sure no one has anything up their sleeves...literally." DeLeah laughed.

"I'm sure most of us know each other however for the benefit of some of the newer operatives I'm going to do a roll call.

"I'm sure everyone knows who I am, if you don't you're in trouble." Everyone laughed. "I'm DeLeah."

"Here next to me we have Aries, one of our lovely Mommie's"

"Would the Spanish Hurricane Mommie stand up please...that would be Rita."

"Mama Bear?" DeLeah asked as North stood up.

"And last but not least we have the delusional mommie...Sherry"

Everyone laughed. "OK enough of the Mommie's and on to the rest of us"

"Operations and Madeline" I'm sure you all know who they are DeLeah said dryly.

"Andrea, Dexter, Nahla, Raine, Genie, Kyle, Nabiki, Roy, Michael, Antonio, Heather, Alexi, Marco, Sinjin, Brenna, Xavier, Dragonlady, Damien, Avi and Jack.

"OK that's it. Let the games begin!" Aries announced as she and DeLeah went to find their seats.

Part 5

As the rounds continued about various groans were heard louder and louder. Especially, as the newer operatives were almost all down to their bra's and panties. There had been 3 rounds played thus far; Dexter and Brenna had won the first round, Damien and Avi the second round, Michael and Nabiki the third. No one was nude yet but there was lots of whining going on.

"Enough whining" Aries suddenly stood up irritated. "This is purely to have fun the rest of us will all be undressed soon too" Aries knew that last statement wasn't quite true but what the recruits didn't know wouldn't hurt them. After that minimal whines were heard. Everyone knew better than to cross Aries when she was moody, only a few dared to do so.

The rounds continued on. By 10pm all the recruits had scurried out after taking off every last article of clothing. Rita, Genie, DeLeah, Aries, and Raine were still perfectly dressed with only some of their lingerie showing. Andrea was grumbling about why she hadn't thought of that and everyone had laughed. Something about the SPS grumbling about not having enough clothes just wasn't right.

Brenna and Dragonlady were convinced that wearing lingerie underneath everything was a breach of the security and rules of the game. Kyle, Antonio, Sinjin, and Xavier were all glaring at each other as each of their respective ladies took another article of clothing off.

DeLeah leaned over and whispered to Rita, "How many pieces is your lingerie?"

Rita rolled her eyes, "too many to count but in this case that's an advantage"

Both girls giggled as Aries raised an eyebrow.

"What?" DeLeah asked defensively. She was fully clad in her lingerie with still 26 pieces to go. Both girls smirked knowingly that they weren't gonna be one of the ones nude by midnight.

"Royal flush" Antonio announced as everyone groaned taking off another piece of clothing.

"You" DeLeah said pointing at her boyfriend, "are so in trouble anoche" she said as she threw one of her shoes at him.

Antonio's eyes flashed at her his eyes telling her he was looking forward to that promise later.

DeLeah rolled her eyes and Aries giggled catching the heated glance he sent DeLeah's way. "Now that's one thing I never wanted to see" DeLeah said confidently as she looked pointedly at Operations in nothing but his Winnie the Pooh Boxers.

Rita burst out laughing. "Be glad Bauer isn't here I hear he turns women to stone he's so ugly"

Just then Michael laid down his royal flush king high and everyone glared at him and his gorgeous body...well the females anyway.

Everyone stood up to divest themselves of another article of clothing putting Andrea, Alexi, Dragonlady, Operations and heather out of commission on this game.

They all left bidding good night to everyone all except Andrea who promised to be back.

Part 6

"It must be North's night with Operations or you wouldn't see Andrea for 2 days" Raine giggled to Aries.

Aries smiled and nodded as she looked at North. As if on cue, North looked up at her suspiciously. Aries smiled brightly as she tried to hide behind her hand of cards from the piercing glare of her friend. She had a feeling that North knew exactly what was going on in her head. The night wore on and several of the guys were down to minimal clothing along with some of the other ladies however Rita, Genie, Raine, DeLeah, and Aries were all still pretty decent thanks to the lingerie.

Kyle, who was now in just boxers and his socks spoke up, "So do we get to stay and watch to see who wins the game once we're out?" he asked.

"Not if it's just girls left" Genie scowled at him.

Everyone snickered including the guys until all their better halves glared at them. It seemed to do the trick; they all focused on the game once again. However, DeLeah caught quite a few of them taking peeks over their cards at each of their girlfriends to ensure that they weren't in too much trouble.

The room got awfully quiet while everyone concentrated on their cards for a few minutes until Andrea burst back in

"Margarita's and Pina Colada's are on me" she announced to the smirks and cheering of everyone in the room.

Just then DeLeah turned back to the cards and called having everyone lay their cards out. She won with a straight having Kyle, Antonio, Roy, and Marco divest themselves of another item of clothing as everyone went to get the newly made margaritas
and pina coladas.

"10 minute break" Aries announced. "We reconvene here in 10"

"This is a poker game Aries not a mission" DeLeah said rolling her eyes laughing as she got playfully punched in the arm.

"Funny" Aries said as she grabbed a drink.

10 minutes later Aries and DeLeah were ready to start the game back but only half the people had returned.

"OK where is everyone?" DeLeah demanded looking pointedly at Michael and Roy.

Roy shrugged, "I heard a some of them talking about calling it a night."

"North said she was going to find Operations" Michael said.

Aries rolled her eyes, "alright I guess we'll continue with who we have." The were only 11 people left now: Rita, Genie, Raine, DeLeah, Aries, Avi, Kyle, Roy, Michael, Antonio, and Marco.

The game continued late into the night. The guys seemed to be having the devil's own luck so it was a good thing that most of the girls were wearing the lingerie. Finally at 2am Raine got the hand she had been waiting for; all the guys had left were their boxers and as she laid out her royal flush King high the guys grinned. Raine stood up triumphantly.

"Drop em boys!" she laughed as all the females stood laughing, Curlly stood to the side of the table her face turning a slight shade of pink once again.

The girls all groaned as the guys dropped their boxers. They all had Speedo’s on underneath them as the guys laughed hysterically at the displays of emotion crossed each of their faces.

"This is pathetic" Rita muttered.

"Yea it is" DeLeah agreed.

"We had on 50 items of clothing at least and we're down to the last 5 and we can't even win!" Raine chimed in.

Aries laughed, "Relax girls we're about to take the jackpot"

Rita looked a little nervous at that statement and DeLeah only raised an eyebrow but shrugged.

"Call" Aries announced.

"Already!" Marco exclaimed.

Aries smirked as she saw the lousy hands the guys laid down. DeLeah laid a full house, Raine two pairs, and Rita a straight.

"OK so what do you have?" Antonio demanded.

"That's none of your business buster!" DeLeah warned jokingly as the rest of the girls rolled their eyes.

"mi novia es loco en la cabeza" Antonio muttered.

"Solamente de ti" DeLeah said back.

Rita burst out laughing, "es verdad" she said as they all watched Aries lay out her hand. She had a perfect royal flush ace high.

The guys all groaned as they stood up and dropped the Speedo’s.

The ladies all laughed and high fived each other in congratulations. The guys all grabbed up their clothes making a hasty retreat running stark naked down the halls to their quarters.

The ladies on the other hand have some celebrating to do. Rita and Aries grinned pulling out several bottles of multicoloured silly string.

"What's that for?" Genie asked smiling.

"Oh well there were some Operatives who neglected to follow through on a few things in that game and well we just simply can't have operatives not following through on things now can we?" Rita laughed.

"You knew that there would be people skipping out?" Raine asked

Rita and Aries laughed as they handed 2 bottles of silly string to each person.

They hit the rooms together one by one. Operations and North, Heather and Alexi, Dragonlady and Damien, Brenna and Xavier, Nabiki, and Sinjin. Some of the operatives would have a surprise awaiting them in their quarters when they woke.

The ladies quickly finished up and then bid each other good night going to look for their boyfriends.

"So what did Antonio say about you at the end of the game?" Aries asked as they walked back to their quarters together.

DeLeah smiled, "He said I was crazy." she smiled. "And I replied, only about you"

Aries laughed, "OK so what could Rita have possibly replied to with those comments?"

DeLeah smirked, "she said it was true on both counts"

Aries giggled as the two operatives separated.

"Good night" Aries called over her shoulder.

"Night" DeLeah said.

The End

This story ©copyright DeLeah, March 2001

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