As she sat at her desk, bathed in the warm glow of her monitor screen, she tried to come up with a general idea of what the purpose of her suggestion would be.

She had suggested the idea of a weekly ILLUSION series, in which the members of the COVERT LOVERS list would be given a *theme* and let their imaginations run wild. After all, an illusion is just a fantasy or desire taken form, and what better way to express that form than in writing. And, with each of the authors being members of the mailing list, maybe it would help everyone get to know and feel more comfortable with each other.

After a while, she decided that each *theme* would be different, and that the illusions would be posted to their own website. That way, all listees, past, present, and future, can read to their hearts content. As this thought formed in her head, a smile slowly crossed her lips. She thought to herself *this is good*. And begins............


On the following pages you will find stories that were inspired by these themes.

Our Illusion Co-Ordinator is our very own Northstar who has taken over from Trace who has now retired. The stories sent to her and then she introduces them to the list every week.

Come on in!! Make sure you have a comfy chair to settle into, a cup of your favorite drink, oh yeah plenty of snacks too, as I think you will be here a while. Enjoy!!!!


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