April 7 Denell - Nikitta2000@mochamail.com

Intel - Classified

April 13 Rita - Tasamin@aol.com

Fave_Character: Michael of course!
Favorite_Episode: Psychic Pilgrim, Into the Looking Glass
Hobbies: Reading, writing fan fiction, dancing, adding to my shoe collection, causing mischief!
Occupation: Lawyer
Why_Watch: Besides watching Michael! I like the intricate plots and twists plus the complete ambience that is LFN.
Other_Lists: Too many to name!

April 18 Grace - GenXGal@aol.com

ScreenName: Grace - North calls me moxy girl,
Operative Levels: Mentor/Trainer of Comm & Valentine Ops, Cold Op Level 3, Comm Op Level 5, Oversight Op Level 3, Psych Op Level 3, Strategic Op Level 3, Valentine Op Level 5
Short Bio: I like Italian food, Michael on LFN, reading, Michael on LFN, reading fanfic on the web, Michael on LFN, watching the real football (soccer for us americans) and the fake football, hockey (go Rangers!), Michael from LFN, and Mick from LFN.
Why do you like to watch LFN: Walter and Michael and now Mick.
Do you have a favorite episode??: Psychic Pilgrim. It has a powerful pieces in it - from Maddy with her mom to Michael and Nikita getting it on.

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