Appearances Can Be Deceiving...continued

Michael stood impatiently waiting for Birkoff to come up with a location on Kandinski or the team. Finally Birkoff looked up. "I have a location on Kandinski he will be at the Legislation Club in 2 hours."

"Does Rita have this information?"

"Yes she hacked her way into the Mossad satellite and piggy backed through several servers to hide her trail."

"Can you find her location? No she was mobile during the search. But you know she will be in position already probably."

"Unless she decides to take Kandinski after the meeting."

"You know her best." Birkoff said.

"Call the team." He said as he walked away not acknowledging Birkoff's comment.


The club was packed with people dancing, drinking and people talking in secluded corners. Almost all the girls were scattered throughout the club in strategic positions. Rita was standing on a balcony waiting for Kandinski's arrival. She could see Curlly talking to some man down at the lower bar. It was impossible not to see her with that straight long red hair she was sporting. Brenna was standing by the entrance observing the security already in place.

"He's coming." said Jennifer who was standing across the street from the club."

"Do we have visual confirmation?" Rita asked.

"No I can't tell from here." Jennifer replied.

"Brenna can you confirm?"

"Hold on."

Rita waited impatiently. This was taking too long and she had an uncomfortable feeling that something was wrong. When she heard someone taking in a quick breath. "Sinjn is here." Curlly whispered. Rita did not have time to respond.

"It's not Kandinski he has sent a representative." Brenna answered.

"Great change in plans girls. Brenna, I need a major distraction on the lower dance floor. Curlly has he seen you?"

"No not yet. Can you get by him or take care of him?"


"Good wait for Brenna's distraction and do so. Kat get up here now. We are taking the rep to the southern stairwell as soon as he passes me."

Rita was watching the representative carefully. Meanwhile down at the dance floor. Brenna had incited two men to fight for her. The bouncers in the club moved in. Even the ones upstairs ran down to the main area. Upon a closer look she saw that one of the men fighting was Xavier. Brenna had taken him out of play in an dual purpose fashion. This way no one would be paying attention to what happen to Kandinski's rep. He made his way past her. She put her arms around him to hug him and injected his neck. He gasped in surprise. Kat was there to help her guide the man to the southern stairwell. It was a truth serum they had administered. Rita quickly questioned him and found out the location of Kandinski.

"Kat get out of here." Kat looked at her concerned but moved quickly. "Everyone to their egress point. She then shot the representative to prevent anyone else finding out the information. Stepping out of the stairwell and back into the throng of the crowd she moved quickly.

She did not want an encounter with Michael at all. Looking around the club she sighted a familiar straw hat, Roy was here. She also had to make it to the pick up point. She was busy avoiding Roy when she bumped into a body. Looking up she met with green eyes she knew intimately.

"I am sorry." She said with a put on honey thick southern accent and tugging a strand of blond behind her ear. Curlly had her wearing a waist length dark blonde wig and green eyes. And kept moving hoping that he would not penetrate the disguise.

"That is all right." He said as he stepped out of her way. She saw him resume his visual scan of the club and then pause. That slight pause alone had her waking faster. She could feel his eyes burning a hole into backside.

"Rit!" He called out across the room.

To her credit she did not falter or pause in her step. Finally reaching the exit she knew he would be closely behind her. The bouncer at the door commented "What's the hurry cutie?"

She felt a tinge of regret for what she was about to do but all's fair. "There's a man following me who can't take no for an answer. Can you help me out?" She said sweetly with a smile.

"No problem missy you let me take care of him. The beefy security guard said as he motioned to his co-worker.

"Thanks." Then Rita moved quickly because she knew Michael would take care of the bouncer in a matter of seconds but those were precious to her. Anything to slow the man with the most determination she had ever seen in a human. She turned the corner and there was DragonLady at the wheel of their borrowed vehicle. The door was open and she jumped into the passenger seat and slammed the door shut. Michael was running towards the car. Her eyes met his and clashed.

"Go! Go! Go!" She said as he held her gun up to shoot Michael her hands trembling as she pointed. Rita's eyes filled with tears as DragonLady pulled the car a quick reversal maneuver and they were off swallowed by the night. Rita's eyes filled with tears as they drove away. Her heart was racing and breaking all at the same time.


"I got it!" Sherry said triumphantly as she waved a data pad. "Birkoff just confirmed it and boy is he far from happy."

"Well who are we boiling in oil and where can we get this individual?" North said impatiently.

"You'll never guess." Sherry said teasingly.

"Sherry..." North simply said.

"Ok, ok.. Its Hillinger." Sherry said simply.

"Hillinger!" North said in disbelief."

"Well, it seems that none of the girls in Section would take his romantic advances seriously and he decided to exact retribution." Sherry said.

"He had better start running." North said. "Does anyone else know?"

"Not yet."

"Good lets take of this ourselves."


Rita told the girls Kandinski's location. "We can take him by surprise now. He is not expecting his representative for an hour."

"Good I can't wait to finally get back home." DragonLady said, "I still have to finish decorating."

They arrived at Kandinski's location and it was surprisingly not heavily guarded. They took the resistance out with little or no problems. Finally finding Kandinski and the mainframe but the surprise was Kandinski was already dead.

Rita contacted Section. "Endgame achieved." She said simply but she was perturbed by the setup something was off. The girls took the mainframe and started to exit when the heard footsteps in the distance. It was the boys they had arrived. Some of them looking a little disheveled and slightly bruised.

"Ladies I see you have completed your mission." Michael said as he surveyed the area. "One question where is Damian?"

The girls turned to look at DragonLady. Who began looking skyward. "Umm he is in the trunk. Well I couldn't kill him." She moved to go let him out.

The girls burst out laughing in relief. "Well that explains how you guys found us so fast." Jennifer said.

"You girls did very well. Distracting us." Sinjn commented.

Rita looked at Michael who had not said a word to her. "Rita I think you and I need to have a talk."

"About." She said simply fearing he would not understand what she had to do.

"Blonde is just not your color." Michael said as he pulled her into his arms.


When the girls finally made it back to CLHQ there were stories to tell. The 4th of July party was a true celebration. The girls were all in the common room telling stories about the mission and the Curlly makeovers. The boys were busy telling about their reactions to the makeovers. When in walked in Greg Hillinger his hair painted white blond and he had grown a goatee. North and Sherry were giggling in a corner. Greg was dressed as a waiter serving champagne on a silver tray. Apologizing and offering his cleaning services or anything else the girls required.

When he finally left the room Rita whispered in Michael's ear she would be right back and walked over to North and Sherry for an explanation and Curlly joined her.

"Well we found out he was responsible and now he is paying the price." North said simply.

"That is an interesting punishment. Now I know there is a reason to be afraid of the mommies." Rita said as she laughed and the others joined in.

The End

This story ©copyright Rita/Tasamin, 2000

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