"I don't care let's go pack it up and lets move they will be here."

The girls moved the stuff to the trunk of the four-door. Jennifer had hot-wired. Doing a final check Brenna looked to see if they had left anything behind in the compartments. Satisfied she stepped out. The girls were all piled into the car. Except for Curlly who was waiting for Brenna to take her seat. Curlly then lay on the laps of the girls since there was not enough room for all of them in the car.

"We can't afford to be stopped Curlly stay down!" Rita said.

"We need to find another set of wheels." DragonLady said.

"And we will as soon as we are away from here."

"It's a shame we had to leave the GPS." Avi commented. Because I think we just missed the turn."

"Dammit." DragonLady said as she turned the car in the police median and was now going in the opposite direction back towards the right street to turn on.

"That is not what I meant by maintaining a low profile."

"Well we don't have to be lost either."

They drove quickly through the darkened streets, the dawn light was slowly creeping in. The girls knew they needed a larger vehicle. Rita was keeping an eye out or anything that seemed plausible. Suddenly DragonLady pulled to the side of the road.

"I think I found it." DragonLady said enthusiastically as she pointed at the vehicle.

"Oh dear me it has come to this." Brenna said as Rita who could only shake her head in disbelief at the suggestion for there stood a shiny new Winnebago in the driveway of someone's home. Having no choice the girls all piled out and began to hot wire the vehicle to take it away.


Roy walked in dressed in white t shirt and floppy straw hat. He walked quickly through Section. Having already heard the whispers of rumors that team had gone on mandatory refusal. He knew in his heart that his sister had to be on that team why else would they have called him in. Yet he kept hoping it was not true.

Yet when he saw who was assembled for the meeting that confirmed everything for Damian, Sinjn, Jack, Xavier sat there in quiet conversation. Michael was not there yet although Roy was sure one of his women was on the team.

He slid in to the seat net to Damian. "It's true isn't it?"

"Yes." Damian said in a hush. Thinking that finally DragonLady had let him back into her life and now this.

Roy saw the concern on his face and tried to reassure him, "Don't worry my sister is a survivor."

Michael walked in with his blank stare firmly in place not giving away an ounce of information. "Gentleman, I am sure you have heard by now that Rita's team has gone into mandatory refusal. It is up to us to bring them in unharmed. They were last traced at Sector 7 before they stripped off their comm gear and abandoned the mission van. The ladies have also found a way to block their locators."

"Operations believes they will be less likely to shoot us for obvious reasons."

"That is if we encounter the right girl. And sometimes DragonLady would shoot me if you gave her a chance."

"Operations believers they will probably shoot but not to kill as they would do if someone else was sent after them."


North slammed the door to her office with resounding thud. Sherry who was sitting in the chair waiting for her sat up straight in surprise.

"What's wrong North?" Sherry asked wondering what could have possibly set off North.

North put a single finger to lips indicated that Sherry should keep quiet. North walked over to her desk and activated the privacy feature once that was done she broke her silence in a torrent of quick words. "Operations has forbidden me to interfere or investigate into the cause of the girls mandatory refusal. If he thinks that I am going to do that he does not know me well enough."

Sherry was mildly surprised that Operations was not subtle in his request to North that must mean the girls' mission was more important than anyone else thought. "Well, North you know we always find way around these things. I have already had a talk with Birkoff who has agreed to help us out.'


"As a mater of fact he analyzed the conversation that took place between Rita and the Michael imposter." Sherry said as she tossed a disc onto North's desk. "The team recovered it from what was left of the mission van after the girls stripped it. Walter is far from thrilled to what they did to the van."

"Walter will forgive them later I am sure. Have you heard the recording?'

"Yes and they took Michael's conversation from part of a conversation he had with me and part I am assuming a conversation he had with Rita." Sherry made a face. "Which means someone has been spying on us and waiting for the right time to strike."

"All right Sherry its time to make a short list of suspects and find the person responsible for this fiasco." North said while she wondered what the girls would be up to next. She knew that they would have to complete the mission.


Finally comfortably established in the Winnebago. The girls reasoned it was like a mission van, although Rita kept on referring to it as the white whale. The best part was though that is had a kitchen. The girls were discussing strategy.

"We need to stop at a drug store." Curlly piped in when she looked up from the computer.

"Why Curlly do you need something? Are you feeling all right?"

"Oh I am fine it only bothers me a little. We need to get wigs and preferably stop at an eye lab for color contacts. We have to change the way we look."

"Yes we do for they are going to send the boys after us." Rita said quietly.

"The boys?" Kat asked from the table where she was working on the comm devices.

"Yes, the boys. Jack, Sinjn, Damian, Xavier and..." Rita's face took on a perturbed look. "...Michael to bring us in.

A moment of silence filled the van. This mission was getting worse all the time. Nobody had yet to even speak of the fact that they had no choice and were disconnected from everyone until they completed the mission. The girls were not used to working against the boys.

"Glory! We can outsmart them. We'll take care of it when they find us if they do. Now on to other things. Just because we are in mandatory refusal doesn't mean we have to stay in a hovel." Curlly said as she sat in front of the computer hacking her way through files.

"True they would not look for us in a ritzy place. And since Rita is leading the team they probably will profile that she would follow Michael's example and stay in some abandoned warehouse." Brenna said.

"Ugh! Please clean sheets, a shower and room service." Jennifer said.

"Can you just see us in an abandoned factory with rats." Avillion said as she shuddered.

Hitting some more keys something caught Curlly's attention and her eyes filled with delight and mischief. "Got it perfect place for us penthouse reservations we just need a change of clothes."

"Why?" Rita asked suspiciously.

"You'll see." As she giggled to herself.

DragonLady yelled from her driver's seat. "We have arrived at the mall."

"All right you guys go shop for the stuff we need. I'll stay here and try to find Kandinski." Rita said. "You have 2 hours."

"Only 2?!" Curlly protested.

"Yes, Curlly I know that might seem inconceivable to you but you will have to make do." Brenna added in consolation as she put her arm around her.


Sherry and North had been sitting there poring over old mission files and personnel files. Trying to find the person responsible for this fiasco.

North rubbed at her eyes. She leaned back in her chair as she pinched her nose between her fingers. "There are too many suspects we need to narrow this down."

Sherry looked up from the file she was looking at. "I have been thinking this attack is very personal."

"Yes using Michael's voice to trick Rita means they know about the relationship there." North agreed.

"I think that whoever it was knew whom Operations would send after the girls. It has to do with relationships and someone who is jealous, ready to inflict pain for a rejection perhaps." Sherry mused out loud.

"Sherry, that time you have been spending with Madeline is paying off. Let's look for someone in Section with that MO." North said as they sat down to work again.


The girls laden with packages stepped back into the Winnebago. Rita looked at her watch and saw that they were within their time limit even Curlly. The Winnebago drove away with DragonLady at the wheel again.

"Ok ladies its time for dress up." Curlly announced. "The line forms to left for consultations. We have 2 hours before we reach our destination. I have your outfits here." She said as she pointed to the bags next to her.

"Why do I think I should be worried?" Avillion asked. "Curlly you are not cutting my hair!" She saw Curlly brandishing a pair of scissors.

"Trust me."

By the time Curlly had finished all the girls looked completely different. DragonLady had shoulder length auburn hair and hazel contacts in her eyes. Avillion was in jet black hair and jade green eyes. Avi looked at the long locks now colored black and asked, "You are sure this dye is going to come out?"

Curlly laughed, "Don't worry it comes out after a couple of washes and you'll be back to your blond tresses in no time."

Avi kept on looking in the mirror. "This is just strange."

"Well, girls put on your outfits." She said as she handed out bags. The girls looked inside and pulled out the outfits.

"Curlly what have you gotten us into?" Brenna who was now wearing a short chin length brunette wig with chocolate color contacts eyes asked.

"Well the only hotel I could find was housing the traveling harem of the Pasha al Saddig. They are accustomed to his last minute arrivals and he gets the penthouse suite every time."

"Oh boy covered from head to toe here I come." Jennifer said as she held up hers.

"Ok girls lets get it together." Rita said from the computer she was still working at. "I have the mission profile ready for discussion after we check in."

The girls quickly got dressed. They entered into the lobby of the great hotel. They were dressed covered completely only their eyes were showing. Their eyes were heavily outlined in black kohl. Curlly walked to the front desk and spoke in a heavily accented Arabic voice to the clerk looking down demurely. The manager himself came to escort the ladies to their suite.

Once they were alone and Kat ran a scan on the room for listening devices. They sat down for the briefing. "Kandinski has a meeting tonight with mediator, Reese Lindor who is there to purchase the mainframe. The sale must be stopped and the mainframe retrieved." Rita outlined the plan and advised the girls to take a nap before the mission.

On to the finale...