Operations had excused himself and made his way to his personal office. There he had Birkoff do a live feed off the cameras installed in Madeline's apartment. He sat before the monitor impatiently drumming his fingers against the beautiful hand rubbed oak desk and muttering to himself.

Davenport had contacted him to inform him that Madeline and a male companion appeared to be heading back to her place. Madeline was a bit giddy as they made their way out of the restaurant. If she had been more aware of her surroundings, she might have noticed the perfectly matched couple standing off to the side keeping an eye on things but as it was she had her head snuggled against Alan's coat collar and couldn't take her eyes off his rather handsome features.

Operations didn't have long to wait. The camera outside the door showed that Madeline was not too far-gone. Making as little fuss as possible, she carefully checked the thread and seemed satisfied that no one had paid her a visit since she had gone out. She tried to unlock the door while maintaining her grasp around Alan's waist and finally he took the keys from her hand and admitted both of them into the darkened apartment.

"Did you forget to pay the light bill?" he teased her as he felt along the wall for the nearest light switch. Finally finding it, the entire living room area was bathed in a soft florescent glow.

Although sparsely furnished compared to his luxurious home, the place definitely had Madeline's touch. Flowers and plants were strategically placed in just about every corner and all showed the care with which she tended them. The sofa and loveseat matched as did the odds and ends all serving as a comfortable and inviting place.

"Let me take your coat." Madeline gently reached up to remove the overcoat and proceeded back down the hallway to hang it in the closet. If she were planning on him leaving tonight, she probably would have simply tossed it over the back of one of the wing backed chairs on either side of the fireplace. "Would you like a drink or something?" she slipped off her shoes and padded over to him in her stocking feet.

The loss of the three inch heels made her have to now look up to meet his gaze and the smile on his face confused her. "I'd like the 'or something' but a drink will do." he was just happy having actually been allowed this far. She poured him a generous helping of her finest bourbon and sat beside him on the sofa, curling her legs under her which reminded him of a cat. She gently traced a finger along his earlobe sending shivers of pleasure to areas not yet explored. He turned, placed his drink on the table beside them and took her head in both of his hands.

"Are you sure you're ready to...for this?" he smiled as she nodded.

"It's been a long time." she whispered.

Operations shifted in his seat growing more and more uncomfortable.

"Where shall we start?" he smiled as he gently bit down on her lower lip, Madeline moved closer and inhaled his aroma.

"Wherever you'd like" she teased him. His one hand remained behind her head holding her lips pressed tightly to him as his tongue began exploring first her lips slowly moving to her teeth and then parting them, she allowed his tongue to dance within the warm soft realms of her sensuous mouth. The other hand traveled downward until it made contact with her soft full breasts. They remained locked in a kiss had he brought his other hand down to assist the first with removing her dress and gently he unsnapped her bra releasing both firm orbs to be freely explored in his large gentle hands. First he tweaked one nipple then moved onto the next as both responded by enlarging and sticking out like two eraser tips.

"Do you like this?" he broke the kiss as he brought his lips down to suckle at one of the nipples. Her arched back told him she was enjoying the manipulation of her breasts.

Operations squirmed in his seat feeling both rage and jealousy at watching someone else performing the foreplay dance with his Madeline. "More." she whispered in a rather husky voice as she kissed his neck and gently sucked on an earlobe.

His hand traveled lower and found the elastic of her panties. "Tell me what you want Celia" he whispered into her ear.

"Touch me Alan." she moved her thighs apart to allow him access to her lower regions. His hand moved down cupping the warm moist mound of her womanhood.

"Tell me what you like Celia." he continued kneading the soft supple skin.

"I want you to..." she breathed harder making it more difficult for Operations to understand her but her response to Alan was making him more and more irate.

"You want me to.... taste you Celia?" he lowered his head to her upon seeing her nod. She bit her lip in response to his mouth touching hers. It was the first time anyone had ever done this to her and Operations was surprised that she was enjoying it. It never occurred to him that in all their sexual confrontations he had never bothered to ask her what gave her pleasure. Instead it had always been about her pleasuring him. Perhaps that is why she felt like a whore? he asked himself but didn't dwell on the idea.

Alan had Madeline on the sofa on her back with her legs not only spread but up and over his shoulders as his mouth worked away at bringing her to an orgasm. It didn't take long before she clenched both hands to his head and brought his mouth tightly against herself.

"I'm.... Itís sooooo good" she gasped as she bit her lip and he gently nipped at her flesh. "I'm coming" she threw her head back and her mouth opened in pleasure as wave after wave overtook her. As the orgasm subsided, Alan shrugged off his pants and Operations was treated to the sight of a more endowed male before him. He was repulsed at the way Madeline was allowing him to explore each and every inch of her body but at the same time, he found himself unable to turn away. His own erection could be felt growing beneath his slacks.

"I want you in me." she demanded as she reached out and grabbed his thick erection. She ran her hand up and down the length of his shaft and directed him to her opening. "Now, I need to feel you inside me." she wrapped her legs around his buttocks and drew him inside as he lowered himself on top of her. "Now!" she demanded and he didn't disappoint. He raised himself up on both arms and rammed himself into her knowing that she was well lubricated for his entry. She had never been so filled and the feelings were exquisite. She arched her back and met each of his thrusts stride for stride and

Operations felt his own breathing taking a ragged edge. He felt jealous of the fact that she never told him what she wanted but then again, he never gave her the chance. Gently Alan flipped them over and now Madeline rode his erection as he reached up and gently fondled her erect nipples gently tweaking and then roughly yanking at each one. Madeline arched her back in pleasure as her hair fell across her face and left only her mouth visible. The lips were full and pouty and Operations imagined them wrapped around his own organ. He didn't like the fact that merely watching her was bringing him close to losing it.

"Yes, Celia ride me.... Make me come inside you." he demanded of her and she didn't let him down. She squeezed the muscles that drew him tighter within herself and road out his orgasm only to feel herself being drawn into another one herself. It had never been this way with anyone else and she suddenly liked the feeling of having someone pleasure her and expect nothing in return. And the idea that she could freely return the pleasure and it was genuinely accepted gave her a feeling of control that she had not had since leaving Section.

Operations had to leave the screen to attend to his own needs and it angered him that he as an adult would have to settle for his own hand job to satisfy himself tonight but he wasn't about to single out one of the female operatives right now. He wondered what it would have been like to force Nikita into being his sex slave right now but knew that Michael would easily find a way to kill him if he every physically touched her. When he returned to the monitor it became quite clear that Madeline had a long night ahead of her.



Nikita entered the White room and instructed two of the operatives to remove the doctor from the room. "Keep him close and watch him, I want nothing to happen to him until I've had a chance to talk to him." were her explicit instructions. She returned her attention to the nurse who was securely strapped into the metal chair, which was obviously not built for comfort.

"When I remove the gag I want you to listen to me very very carefully." Nikita moved in closer so they were only inches apart. "Your life depends on your answers is that clear?" she reached behind the woman's head and ripped the adhesive gag away unmercifully. "Who do you work for?" she kept only inches between her face and that of the nurse who worked hard to avoid her gaze.

"I can't say." she murmured.

"You will tell me before you leave this room I promise you that." she spat back between clenched teeth.

"They will kill me." she pleaded but realized that it had fallen on deaf ears.

"I will kill you." Nikita smiled and produced the syringe she had been carrying. "You are gong to die the same way Michael was supposed to." she reached to turn the woman's arm over exposing a vein.

"Please, you can't do this to me." she struggled as Nikita tied an elastic band around her upper arm then resumed her check for an available vein.

"You have one more chance to tell me what you know. Who do you work for?" she pulled the cap off the syringe and proceeded to clear the needle of air bubbles.

"If I tell you, my life is over." she started to cry.

"Your life was over the moment you agreed to kill Michael." Nikita moved the needle closer to her arm pausing to give her one last chance. "Have you every seen how Strychnine kills?" Nikita played with her mind.

"Nnnnoo." her voice sounded like that of a child's.

"It is not a pleasant death from what I have seen." she continued. "But I've doctored this a bit for you." she smiled an evil smile that made the girl cringe. "It has a little gift in it... First you will feel like you are on fire, you'll quickly lose the feelings in your lower extremities which will move rapidly upward until it effects your lungs. They will quickly become paralyzed and you'll be unable to even utter a simple whimper. Death won't come quite so quickly since your brain will be the last to know, your heart will struggle with the lack of oxygen and you will suffocate slowly," she almost laughed at the fear etched across the girl's features.

"Please don't." the girl begged and tried to pull her arm back. "It, it was Jurgen he wanted Michael dead and he paid.."

Nikita just about slammed the needle into the girl's arm. "Jurgen is dead!" she shouted.

"NO! I swear I can prove it, he didn't die in the explosion it was just a cover so he could be free from Section but he's not, he is working for Madeline." the girl pleaded and something about her made Nikita believe that she was telling the truth. "Madeline knows about everything going on in Section right up to you shooting Michael. Or she will if she gets the phone call she's expecting tomorrow morning." The girl realized that dying by Nikita's hands would be far worse than Jurgen's since he really didn't know just how much of a personal stake Nikita had in all of this.

"When and who is making this call?" Nikita recapped the syringe and returned it to her pocket.

"The doctor who was working last night, he's the inside contact and I swear that's all I know." Nikita knew that she wouldn't be able to safety release the young woman. "What will happen to me now?" the girl tried to follow Nikita's path around the room.

"You will die." Nikita stated matter of fact like. "I'm sorry but there really is no other way," she stopped long enough to take one last look at the girl before leaving the room. Stopping in front of the two operatives still holding the doctor she smiled, "Cancel her and prepare him for me." she knew that the doctor would eventually cave in when she saw the way he struggled to talk behind the gag.

"I'm sorry, I can't hear you yet but I will soon." she turned and walked away.

The doctor remained outside of the White room as one of the operatives stepped inside and closed the door. Within a moment or two he hear the one simple gunshot that mercifully ended the young woman's life and he began to weep at the seriousness of the situation. He had heard that Nikita had a humane side to her but soon realized that they had overstepped whatever humanity she had toward them. He quietly accepted his fate knowing that before he died he would be forced to divulge whatever he knew...he just wondered how she would do it.

Nikita returned to the Observation deck to find Operations but he was no where to be found. Quickly she took the stairs leading down to communications and stopped at Birkoff's station. "I need the name of the doctor of record treating Michael last night. Tall stocky man with chestnut hair." she stood before him. "Birkoff, I need the information as quickly as possible, I'll be in Medlab with Michael when you get it." And with that she turned and walked away.



Nikita returned to Michael's side and checked to make sure he was safe. Operations was coming down the corridor looking rather flushed and quite angry. "Nikita what is going on?" his voice bellowed against the metal walls.

"Excuse me?" she stopped and stared.

"Just what the hell is going on in Medlab, I was told you took away two people. Why?" His voice boomed inches from her face.

"Why? Because while you were off doing whatever it is you were doing," she noticed a flash of redness streak across his face and wondered what brought that on, "They were attempting to kill Michael." she shouted right back at him.

"Are you sure?" he took a step back and stared at her.

"Walter checked the syringe they were going to use on him, thankfully I got there in time and it had strychnine in it," she placed both hands on her hips looking extremely defiant. "I want Michael moved to my place or somewhere he will be safe until he mends." she crossed her arms and waited for his response to her demands.

"I'll put security guards on him." Operations didn't like her tone.

"That won't stop Jurgen and you know it." she decided to play her cards.

"Jurgen? What the hell has he got to do with this? Jurgen died in that mission where our explosive device failed..." he was arguing yet wondered what info she might have.

"Before I had the woman canceled," she liked the shocked look on his face at that "She told me that Jurgen wasn't dead, that he used his death to gain freedom from Section" she held back waiting for his response.

"Then why would he be trying to kill Michael?" he used a rather condescending tone on her.

"Because Madeline obviously realized he was still alive and is now using him," she smiled realizing how little he really knew that Madeline was capable of. "And he is not the only one inside Section working for her." she liked the sudden swallow he showed forced to silently admit that things were happening around him that he was totally unaware of.

"If the doctor clears him, I will have him moved to your place for now Nikita." he finally conceded. "You said that you had the woman canceled? What happened to the man?" he turned to face her once more.

"Oh, trust me, after I'm done with him, he'll beg to be canceled" she laughed and walked into Medlab.

Michael was sitting on more of on incline but still looked very uncomfortable. "Hey, how's it going?" she smiled. "What is going on Nikita?" the mask was in place but by now she had learned to see through it.

"Nothing." she wouldn't look at him as she fiddled with the covers around his midsection. "How are you feeling?" she attempted to change the subject but Michael was aware of her tactics as well.

"Nikita, look at me." he placed a finger under her chin and brought her face around to look at him. "Where did you take the man and woman?" he stared at her and she knew that she wouldn't be able to lie to him.

"I canceled her" she wouldn't make eye contact. "And the man?" he watched her facial expressions and knew that she was trying to protect him. "When I am finished here, I have several questions for him," she turned only slightly and smiled "But that is my concern, you need to rest and heal," she rubbed his arm lightly and say the hair on it stand on edge in response to her touch. "Operations has agreed to allow you to be moved to my place if the doctor will okay it," she smiled and stared deeply into his beautiful Emerald green eyes.

"No, Nikita, that is not a good idea" his face suddenly masked by Machine Mode Michael.

"Why Michael?" she suddenly wished she hadn't mentioned it and Michael must have realized how happy she was thinking he would agree but doing so would put her in danger if he was now Madeline's target.

"Because I don't want you hurt anymore than you have been." his facial expression softened a bit.

"I can take care of myself, and besides it would give us some much needed time alone," she smiled like a fox in a chicken coop as she fiddled with his blankets.

"I would love to spend time alone with you Nikita but I think that we need to get your entire memory back before we do." He hesitated knowing that he would do everything in his power to not to hurt her "Please understand Nikita." he saw the hurt look on her face as she pulled back.

"I don't Michael, I don't at all I know I love you, I know you love me."

He reached out and captured her hands in his. "Nikita, I don't want to do anything that could hurt you." Nikita shook her head interrupting him "I know" she wanted to say more but his finger pressed against her lips silencing her. "I know you love me and that you know I love you but we need to know how much more you remember." he pulled her close and pressed his lips where his finger had just been. "Be patient" he smiled. Sadly she pulled back and left him sitting alone on the bed. Michael knew her feelings were hurt but he couldn't risk losing her again even it meant her being mad at him.