By Trace

('Twas the night before Christmas, at CLHQ)

The halls were all quiet, there was nothing to do.
The decorations were hung, with the greatest of care
in hopes that their spyboys, would soon be there.

The listees were all nestled, all snug in their beds
while romantic missions, danced all in their heads.
With Trace in her black eye mask, and not making a peep
had just settled down, for some much needed sleep

When out in the hall, there arose a loud clatter
Aries sprang from her dreaming, yelling "What is the matter?!"
Then rushing to her door, just like a flash
she tripped on her slippers, in her mad dash.

She cursed and she screamed, and stomped on the floor
to find all the listees, outside of her door.
And what to their sleepy eyes should appear,
But North all tanked up, and dressed like a deer.
She sauntered and swayed, and smiled with glee
then hiked up her leg, as if to pee.

Then she winked and she grinned, and she pushed back her bangs
she was looking for something, and tried calling it by name:
Now Michael, no Walter, no Birkoff, no Ops
Forget all that eggnog, and give me some Schnapps
I need another drink, and need it right now
come on ol Sherry, please be my pal.

The listees all giggled, and cackled in glee
Then someone spoke up, and everyone took heed
Aly was the first, to point out the fact
that if North didn't let up, she surely would kack.
No sooner was it mentioned, and the moment did pass
Than North had started running, and running quite fast.
She rounded the corner, in her mad dash
and slipped on the floor, and landed on her ass
Aries ran to help her, as Aly did too
But to their chagrin, the nubbins did flew.
North was sprawled flat, passed out on the floor
and she was raising a ruckus, cause it seems she does snore.
Aries and Aly both stared on in wonder
and then after a few moments, of intense ponder.
They decided to leave her, where she did lay
and let her awaken there, on the very next day.
They reassured everyone, that North was okay
and shooed all the listees, to their rooms and away.

As Aries walked to her door, and she stopped and turned
she saw Trace, Aly and Sherry, with looks of concern.
As she asked the girls, what they were worried about
they looked to her innocently, as if to pout.
Trace was the first, to speak up and ask
as she stood their in uncertainty, fidgeting with her mask.
"Mommie Aries," she said, slowly to begin
"We were wondering what would happen,
if of this our spyboys got wind."

Aries looked at the girls, then back over to North
then she turned back to her door, and ventured forth.
"Don't worry," she said, "there's not much we can do.
They will know its just another Christmas, at CLHQ."


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