By Nikita507

Michael stomps his feet on the ground as he slams the door shut. He looks up to the dark apartment building a sighs. It looks like most of the single people had gone back home for the holidays. He finds the only apartment with lights, was in fact Nikita's. One little strand of lights hung outside her window.

Michael turns around and picks up his gift for Nikita delicately. He looks up and then back at the car. He worries that the gift he selected was not what Nikita wanted. He had changed and changed the gift several times. Then, when he was walking out of the store, the gift he held in his hand sang out to him.

With a couple of modifications, Michael walked out of the store with Nikita's Christmas gift. He walks up the stairs and hears the crackling of the old christmas music. Last Christmas Walter gave Nikita an old record player so she could play this Christmas music. Michael didn't understand why, because it sounded so sad.

The door to her apartment was open. Michael sighs. The apartment building must be empty for Nikita to do that. Michael knocks at the door and then nudges the door open. Nikita wasn't expecting him and Michael didn't expect her to think he would come.

"Nikita?" Michael asks and her head turns quickly from the window to Michael.

She sets down the eggnog and pushes her hair. "What are you doing here, Michael? A mission?" Nikita asks as she stands up and Michael pushes the large gift onto to the table top.

"No... It's Christmas Eve..." Michael says and Nikita shrugs her shoulders as she looks at Michael. She had gifts for Michael sitting inside her dresser from years ago. This year, Nikita said it would be the last one she would buy him. She hadn't even wrapped it. She never thought Michael would be in.

"You don't have a tree." Michael says and Nikita shrugs her shoulders.

"So." Nikita says and Michael looks to her and moves slowly closer.

"Even Section has a tree, Nikita." Michael says firmly and Nikita looks away. "Michael! It's nine o'clock on Christmas Eve.. NOTHING IS OPEN!" Nikita says in horror. Michael smiles softly and takes her hand.

"Come with me." Michael says as he leads her out of her apartment, this time the door locks.

Nikita steps out of the car and looks around. The trees are quite large around her on the country road as Michael steps around to his trunk.

"Nikita... over here." Michael says softly. Nikita looks over and walks over to Michael. He turns on the car lights again and points to a small Christmas tree in the forest.

"But, Michael.." Nikita says and Michael frowns slightly.

"Never cut down a Christmas tree? It's the way it should be done... especially if it's your first." Michael says with a smile. He looks at Nikita and points to her to hold it. Nikita walks over and holds the tree.

First Christmas tree.. how did Michael know that her mother never had a Christmas tree for her. Nikita looks up to the sky as the heavy pine smell spreads in the air, and only adds fuel to her eyes.

Michael stops for a second and looks up. He sees the tears and goes back to cutting the tree down. "Timber!" Michael calls out and Nikita lets the tree fall down. Michael stands up and dusts the snow off of his pants. Nikita has turned back to the car.

Michael walks up closely and leans into her. "Cold?" Michael asks into her ear and he finally hears the sobs. Nikita turns her head away and Michael's hand runs up to hold her face back to his.

"We have to stop at my place... for lights.. you do have popcorn, right?" Michael says and Nikita nods her head. He looks down and then kisses Nikita's forehead softly.

Nikita looks up at the huge apartment building and then back at the roof. It holds the tree that Michael chopped down. Michael walks out of the building and opens the door with a huge box. It barely fits into the car.

"I would have helped you." Nikita says with a smile. Really, she wanted to see Michael's place.

"Nikita... I will take you in sometime.. just not tonight... Mrs. Johnston gave me some icecicles." Michael says and Nikita turns and looks back out the window. Michael looks to her has he starts to drive. She didn't even know what icecicles were.*

Michael giggles softly as he moves to Nikita. She had a howl decorating the tree. She had several icecicles throughout her hair. Michael pulls one out to find another. It was endless.

"Thank you, Michael." Nikita says and Michael nods his head. He had a feeling that Nikita had spiked the eggnog as he started to get that fuzzy feeling. He looked to the top of the tree and then to his gift.

"Why don't you open your gift, Nikita?" Michael asks as he picks it up and hands it to Nikita. Nikita holds the box and opens it.

Nikita pulls out a huge ivory and gold angel. Nikita's eyes light up, and then her mouth drops as she sees the halo. Michael's hands steady the angel as Nikita leans her head closer into the halo and tears run down her face. Michael smiles softly and sets the angel on the coffee table.

"I hope it fits..." Michael says as he gently takes the blue diamond ring off of the halo and holds it to Nikita.

"Only a little symbol of what you mean to me." Michael says as he slides it onto her pinkie finger. Both know that Nikita could not wear a ring on the wedding finger. Nikita's mouth stays open as she turns to Michael.

Quickly Nikita grabs Michael into a kiss, that takes them well into Christmas Morning.

Nikita rolls over in bed and reaches her hand with the ring over the the empty spot. Nikita sits up in bed and pulls at her hair. She stands up and looks out over to the living room.

"Come down, Nikita!" Michael calls out happily and Nikita looks at herself and shakes her head no.

"Not like this!" Nikita calls out.

"Sugar.. you look fine for Christmas.. especially your first!" Walter calls out and Nikita steps down to look at Walter. He is wearing his PJ's and Birkoff is holding onto the quilt. Michael is the only one wearing clothes, but not his normal black, but red.

Nikita walks down and looks at the tree. There are presents shoved in every which direction."Who are they for?" Nikita asks and Walter smiles.

"For you, it's your tree." Walter says with a broad smile.

"From whom?" Nikita asks.

"Santa Claus." Birkoff replies and Nikita turns and leaves.

She walks back upstairs and Michael hears the drawers slam. He sets down his coffee and looks to Walter and Birkoff.

"You know.. It snowed over night.. I want to get a snowball and put in the freezer..." Walter says but Michael shake his head. Walter sits back down.

"Nikita..." Michael says and Nikita throws something at him. He sees the wrapping.

"Three years ago!" Nikita says and Michael pulls out the generic Christmas standby for men... a book of humor...

"Then two years ago!" Nikita screams as she throws the next box.

Michael takes out a red shirt and laughs. It is brighter than the shirt he wears now. He starts to take the other one off and put the other one on.

"LAST YEAR!" Nikita cries out as she throws the box. Michael holds it and smiles softly as he looks at the handcrafted keyring, with St. Michael on it.

"And this year..." Nikita says softly as she hands over the present, not even wrapped. Michael looks at the bag and then to Nikita.

"Nikita..." Michael says as he looks at her. Maybe it was too much. He paid no attention to Nikita for three Christmas's, although he did buy her gifts. They were under the tree for her now. Walter and Birkoff had not done anything for Nikita those years because Michael told them not too.

"Just open it.. you'll hate it..." Nikita says softly.

"I could never hate anything that come from you." Michael says softly as he opens the bag. He pulls out the book and looks at Nikita.

"Do you know how expensive this is?" Michael asks and Nikita's eyes tear up again. Michael stands up and holds Nikita's cheeks. "Nikita.. I love it.. I love it.. and I love you!" Michael says and Nikita nods her head. Michael sets down the limited edition, hand signed complete collection of Robert Frost poetry on the bed and kisses Nikita hard.

"Nikita... Maybe once I found out you didn't know what Christmas was I went a little bit far.. Christmas is about love. You try and try to find a perfect gift to express the love you feel for those you love and you need. I wished that the blue diamond could have been more.. an commitment for life.. I wish your life could be Christmas everyday. So I could give you gifts every single day." Michael says and Nikita cries harder.

Walter looks up and smiles softly. The kids were getting along it was good. Walter looks up and sees the blue diamond sparkle on Nikita's finger. Walter nudges Birkoff, who opens his eyes and sees the shining object.

"Is that the Christmas star?" Birkoff mutters and Walter laughs.

"I wish it was Christmas all the time.. so I could hold you like this..." Nikita says and Michael kisses Nikita softly and Nikita pushes her mouth deeper to his.

"Now... let's go down and have you open your gifts from Santa Claus." Michael says, pulling away, knowing any more kissing would lead to other activities.