Agressive Tempers
By: Antonio

"Carino (Darling)" Antonio called throughout the apartment. He heard nothing.

"¡Las novias nunca estan en la casa cuando deben estar alli! (Girlfriends are never home when they're suppose to be)" Antonio grumbled in his native tongue.

"I heard that!" DeLeah said sharply but sleepily from the bed in the bedroom.

"¿Querida, por qué estas durmiendo ¿Estás enferma? (Darling, why are you sleeping? Are you sick?)"

"No." DeLeah answered simply as she pulled the pillow back over her face.

"¿Entonces qué te pasa? (Then what is wrong?)" Antonio asked worriedly.

"Estoy cansada de misiones (I am tired of missions)" she murmured as Antonio wrapped his arms around her.

"Ok, duermete querida (Ok sleep darling)" Antonio murmured smoothing her hair out.

DeLeah opened one eye suspiciously, "¿Qué tu quieres? (What do you want)? Y no vas a conseguir otra cosa ahora estoy muy cansada ahora." (And you are so not getting any right now, I'm too tired.)

Antonio grinned, "Quierda, get your mind out of the gutter" Antonio laughed softly.

"Too late its always there," A voice said from the entrance of the bedroom.

Part 2

DeLeah looked across to see Aries standing there. She smiled softly. She hadn't seen her in six days because of back to back missions.

"Hey Honey," she said reaching out a hand telling her to come closer.

Aries came and sat on the bed next to her. DeLeah sat up and wrapped her arms around the slightly older operative in a much needed hug. She had missed her terribly and the missions she'd been assigned had been crappy ones that a level one could have easily accomplished.

"I just came by to see how you were doing" Aries explained.

DeLeah smiled, "Better now. I have my two best friends with me." DeLeah laid back down wincing a bit but trying to cover it up.

"What's wrong? Were you injured?" Aries asked ripping the blankets off of her. She knew DeLeah always wore sweatpants and a sleeveless shirt this time of year.

"No I'm just a bit sore is all" DeLeah answered.

Antonio bent down to kiss DeLeah, "I have a meeting. I'll be back soon." he assured her.

DeLeah nodded as she watched him walk out of the room clad in jeans and a t-shirt.

As soon as Antonio left Aries pounced, "What happened? You're never sore after missions unless..." her voice trailed off.

DeLeah closed her eyes for a minute to put the racing emotions in check.

"David thought he was going to have some fun with me just like he tried with you a couple of weeks ago," she admitted.

"Oh honey I'm sorry, so sorry," Aries said as she lent her comfort to DeLeah.

"You mean you didn't wonder why he was in medical?"

Aries laughed, "Actually I hadn't thought about it that much."

DeLeah chuckled a bit, "Boy, if he likes the aggressive type he sure picked the wrong type," she said making a joke out of it.

Aries smiled, "Yes he did."

"You know I get the feeling that Madeline or someone is trying to tone down some of us that are the more aggressive ops," she said. "I mean most of us are aggressive but there are just a few of us that are a bit more aggressive than the others. "You, me, and
Rita for example"

Aries mind was racing with that thought, 'the retraining from 3 months ago that a lot of them went through, Fanning, Bauer, and Petrosian trying to rape her and now Fanning trying it with DeLeah. It was certainly a possibility.

"You think it's possible too don't you?" DeLeah asked perking up a bit.

"Very," Aries replied tight lipped.

"OMG," DeLeah mouthed. "It can't be."

"What?" Aries asked.

"I was just thinking, Antonio hasn't gotten very aggressive as of late. I mean he's been really sweet and protective but just not his usual don't suppose they're in on it do you?"

Aries face paled, "If they are I'm going to kill Marco!"She vowed.

"Come on," DeLeah said wincing a bit as she got out of the bed too quickly. "What do you want to bet that meeting that Antonio had was with Marco?" she asked. They went over to the computer and pulled up surveillance on Marco's room and sure enough there were the two of them talking.

"I dunno man. I just don't like this Tony!" Marco said.

"Well neither do I but we have to go through with it. Otherwise they'll find someone else to do it," he warned.

"Yeah, well I still don't like it. Retraining tempers? What kind of retraining is that. Besides their tempers is part of what makes them them and part of what we love about them."

"Speak for yourself!" Antonio grumbled. "You've never seen DeLeah go off when she's furious."

"Can't be any worse than Aries or Rita." Marco argued.

"Aw man do you know what kind of shape we're going to be in when those three get a hold of us?" Antonio asked.

"If they find out we're toast or worse! They'll kick our asses man." Marco said shuddering.

Antonio laughed, "That's for sure. Damn! What were we thinking when we got involved with two of the most aggressive ladies in CLHQ?" He asked.

Part 3

DeLeah got up ready to storm out of the room and into Marco's but Aries grabbed her arm pulling her back.

"Oh no way!" she smiled. "You are so not ruining this by storming in there. Revenge is sweet!" She said already forming a plan in her mind.

"Fine! But then I get to kill him!" DeLeah said furiously. "Is something wrong, darling?" He asks me this morning. "By golly I'm going to make you something wrong!" She said pacing back and forth by this time.

"Calm down." Aries instructed. "We can't let them know that we're on to them or they'll run like rabbits with their tails in their mouth!"

DeLeah really wanted to laugh she just couldn't though. "And why aren't you as steamed up about this as I am?" She glared at her friend.

"Cause I'm saving my fury for when I can take it out on Marco." She said.

"You know, I wonder if anyone has tried anything with Rita?" Aries mused.

"Your guess is as good as mine." DeLeah said just as they watched Roarke walk into Marco's apartment.

DeLeah did burst out laughing then, "This is gonna be hilarious when we confront them!" She said.

Aries agreed, "It should be very interesting to say the least with the Aries triplets on the warpath."

DeLeah snickered. "Ok so what's the plan? I saw the little wheels turning in your head a few minutes ago."

"I'll tell you just as soon as we get Rita in on what's going on." Aries said.

"I'm surprised she didn't see it coming" DeLeah commented. "You mommies really must be slipping."

"Oh you're hilarious!" Aries said her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Thank you, I think so." DeLeah smiled.

Aries rolled her eyes as she waited for Rita to pick up the phone.

Finally someone picked up, "Yes?" the totally controlled voice asked.

"We need to speak with you. Meet us in DeLeah's room ASAP?" Aries requested.

"Oh no what's she done now?" Rita groaned.

Aries snickered, "It's not her and what she's done it's what us three are going to do." Aries said poetically.

"What happened?" Rita asked.

"There is no way I'm breaking this to you over the phone. I'm may be crazy but I ain't stupid honey."

Rita laughed, "Ok I'll be there in five minutes."

Part 4

"You're not serious?" Rita asked after hearing Aries and DeLeah explain what was going on.

Aries and DeLeah looked at each other. When they looked back at Rita they saw the horrified look on her face.

"OMG! It's true?" she asked.

DeLeah nodded as she pulled up surveillance on Marco's room again.

Rita sat listening to them for a few minutes and the other two operatives could see that the Spanish hurricane was about to hit.

"Hold it Rita! No Spanish Hurricane just yet!" DeLeah said.

Rita turned and glared at her but then realized that it was not just her going through this. Antonio and Marco were in on this as well.

"Ok what are we going to do?" Rita asked. "I know you two have something worked out."

Aries grinned, "We're going to make their worst fear happen." she announced.

Rita and DeLeah looked at her curiously.

"And what is their worst fear?" Rita asked.

"That we'll find out and kick their butts." Aries revealed.

DeLeah snickered. "Yeah, you have got to hear their previous conversation that we caught," DeLeah said as she began replaying it.

Rita was smirking by the end of it. "Can't say they don't know you two?" She said.

"So when do we get to confront them?" DeLeah asked.

"Two hours," Rita said. "We're going to need a few supplies."

Aries grinned, "This is going to be good. Any way we can get this on copied surveillance?" She asked.

"As a matter of fact there is. Curlly is on duty today and she owes me a favor. I'll have her tape it in that double triplicate," Rita said.

All 3 ladies laughed as they grabbed their purses and headed for a short but eventful shopping trip.

90 minutes later the three were back and gathered in Rita's room which was more spacious than most.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Aries giggled.

"They won't know what hit them." DeLeah agreed.

"Oh yes they will as soon as I get ahold of Roarke." Rita vowed.

They quickly gathered the stuff they needed and went off to find each of their respective halves. Madeline was going to have a fit with this but that was life.

Exactly one week later all 3 males were called into Madeline office.

"How much progress has been made?" Madeline inquired.

"Minimal." Roarke muttered

"A little." Marco tried.

"None." Antonio said.

"I'm very disappointed boys," Madeline said. "I thought you said you could control your girlfriends? Obviously I over-profiled you for these missions. This will be reflected on your files. That will be all." She dismissed them.

The next day Aries, DeLeah and Rita were called to Madeline's office. Each showed up a little nervous but surprised to see the others. Once all three of them were there Madeline began:

"Congratulations Ladies. You passed." She said waiting to see a reaction from at least one of them.

All three just sat there with their emotionless mask on.

Madeline smiled, "I see you recognized the test for what it was and took appropriate action. Very good." She commended them. "You not only realized what we were up to but you turned it around on your boyfriends so that they are now programmed now not to be so aggressive towards things. You will of course reverse this process on them correct?"

Rita nodded, "Of course."

"Good," Madeline said. "Rita, you and Aries may leave. I would like to speak with DeLeah for a moment."

Aries gave her friend a reassuring look as she and Rita left. Madeline had told her and Rita about what was going on so they knew of course that the younger operative would be practically jumping for joy when she left that office.

"You did well." Madeline told DeLeah. "I know that Section is not very good about commending their operatives but you are a very good Operative DeLeah."

"Thank you," DeLeah said still trying to figure out what Madeline was up to.

"You have been spending quite a bit of free time with Aries, is that correct?" Madeline asked.

DeLeah frowned, "Yes. Is there a problem with that?"

"No. In fact I've looked into the relationship with great detail and belive that it will be a positive reinforcement for you if you do continue your relationship with Aries." Madeline explained. "You have become an even more valuable operative since that relationship and your numbers have improved drastically."

Madeline paused for effect. "I am promoting you to level 3 effective immediately." She announced.

DeLeah smiled, "Thank you," she said politely as she saw that Madeline was ready to dismiss her.

"You knew about this didn't you!" DeLeah pounced on Aries as she saw her waiting for her outside the office.

Aries grinned, "Of course I did."

DeLeah narrowed her eyes, "And yet you let me sit in there feeling like I'd done something wrong?"

"Hey, and ruin the surprise. I don't think so." Aries laughed as the two headed down the corridor.

"Lunch?" DeLeah asked her. "My treat."

"You're on," Aries said as the two left Section ready to take on the world.

The End!

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