By Trace

(Final scene of END GAME...told from Nikita's point of view)

Walking out onto the balcony off of her french doors, Nikita leaned over, placing her arms on the brick railing. The night breeze wafted softly around her, and gently pushed her hair back from her face.

She had just done what she never dreamed she would ever do...she played their game. Not only had she played their game, she realized that she was very good at it. She had even fooled the master himself...she had fooled Michael. She had played the charade, she had done her part, and she had turned in a very good performance.

Now, as she looked back over the events of the last few days, a sad smile slowly crept across her lips. She had, unbeknownst to her at the time, lost a small part of herself. That part that she thought Section would never touch. A part of her very soul. She had travelled down a path, that would leave her forever changed. She would never be the same person again.

Now, as she thought of the struggle she had waged over the last four years, she knew only one thing for sure. They had seen her give in, and become one of them. And, with the knowledge that she could be a player, they would undoubtedly draw her even deeper into their evil, cruel world.

And, with this last thought still in the forefront of her mind, her phone rings. When she picks it up, it is the beginning of a whole new era for her...

(Fade to black)


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